10 Misconceptions about the art world

Some misconceptions are hard to shake, especially when it comes to the art world. Who is art for? How much does it cost? Is it really accessible to everyone? In this article, we debunk ten misconceptions about the art world to help you see this universe from a new perspective. 😉

1/ The art world is for the wealthy

This is undoubtedly the most widespread misconception: art is for the wealthy. But think again, it’s possible to acquire artworks at very reasonable prices. Although some pieces fetch astronomical prices – especially at auctions, it doesn’t mean they are all out of reach.

It’s worth noting that the art market has diversified greatly in recent years, offering a broader range of artworks available at varied prices. Moreover, with the rise of online art galleries and local fairs, there are perfectly affordable options for art enthusiasts at all income levels.

2/ You need to be an expert to buy artwork

Art is a personal experience: you don’t need in-depth knowledge of art history to appreciate it. What matters is how you feel and the emotions an artwork evokes in you. How does it make you feel? What does it remind you of?

Don’t feel inferior if you’re not well-versed in a particular art movement or if you don’t know the detailed biography of a certain artist. Instead, the more you nurture your curiosity for all types of artworks and the more you immerse yourself in the world of art, the more you’ll expand your artistic knowledge without even realizing it!

art gallery

3/ The art world is reserved for the social elite

Another stubborn myth: art is reserved for the social elite. No, no, no, and no! Even if this was true in the past, art shouldn’t be defined by social barriers. Remember that today, art galleries, museums, and cultural or artistic events are open to everyone.

Furthermore, art has become much more democratized in recent years, reaching broader horizons and attracting audiences from all social backgrounds. Digital advancements and the diversification of artistic platforms have played a significant role. So, give it a try and step into a gallery or an art opening: you’ll see that you won’t feel out of place!

4/ The art world isn’t for the young

Just like social classes, art knows no age limits. It can (and should!) inspire, provoke, and educate people of all ages. Moreover, art isn’t just about antiques or old pieces; it also draws inspiration from current events and trends.

Unsurprisingly, social media plays a key role in piquing the interest of younger generations in various artistic realms. This encourages them to get more involved in the art market as artists, collectors, or enthusiasts.

art world and young people

5/ Transporting artwork costs an arm and a leg

Yes and no. It’s true that transporting artwork can quickly inflate the bill… sometimes even costing more than the artwork itself!

Fortunately, there are now more affordable solutions that cater to tighter budgets (young artists, small art galleries, etc.). Thanks to new technologies, transport providers can now offer specialized services at reasonable rates.

Moviiu is one such provider. By using our services, you have two options: either entrust us with the entire packaging and shipping process, or we design custom protective packaging for you, which we send to you, and you handle the packing of your items. This cost-effective alternative allows you to ensure the proper protection of your creations without compromising on service quality!

6/ Art is only for those living in Paris, London, or New York

Indeed, these cities are major artistic hubs, around which artists and essential events have long revolved.

However, the art and cultural scene has become much more globalized since the start of the century, offering unique opportunities for artists and enthusiasts worldwide to explore new horizons.

Following this globalization, a whole logistics system has been set up to ensure transport flows from one end of the planet to the other. From one exhibition to another, through sales or openings, artworks travel… much to the delight of collectors!

7/ Buying artwork is a sure investment

Beware… While some artworks appreciate over time and can indeed be a safe investment, this is far from a universal rule. Unless you’re buying a Monet or a Picasso, there’s no guarantee that your piece will increase in value over time or that the artist will become renowned! Moreover, just because you acquired a piece at an exorbitant price at an auction doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth that amount. That’s why it’s risky to view art as a financial investment, especially in the short term.

Remember: art is primarily a matter of personal appreciation.

misconceptions about the art world

8/ You need to see the artwork in person to buy it

Again, this is subjective. Some purists and collectors will insist on seeing an art piece with their own eyes before purchasing it.

However, in reality, it’s entirely possible to buy artwork without seeing it in person first. Digital advancements have significantly expanded the possibilities. Some art galleries offer virtual tours, and more and more auction houses are hosting 100% digital sessions. Artificial Intelligence even allows you to visualize a piece installed in your home before purchasing it.

In short, the internet has revolutionized the way we interact with art!

9/ What is artwork, after all? Just a painting or a sculpture? Just a painting or a sculpture?

Tell that to our packaging design teams!

The art world encompasses much more than that. It can manifest in photographs, unusual objects, collectible books, furniture, etc. Each item is unique and has its characteristics. That’s why, to offer safe and custom packaging, our teams possess technical expertise and solid skills.

Beyond the physical aspect, art also finds expression in concepts or ephemeral works. It’s overly simplistic to reduce it to just a painting or a sculpture. It’s precisely this diversity that allows everyone to develop an artistic sensibility.

10/ You need to be a recognized artist to sell artwork

There are countless artists who deserve recognition! ! Just because they don’t have international visibility doesn’t mean their work isn’t of high quality or that it doesn’t sell.

At Moviiu, we support these professionals and offer them affordable shipping solutions, ensuring optimal protection for their creations, regardless of the delivery destination.

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Photo by Руслан Гамзалиев ; Nicholas Doherty ; Dannie Jing ; Jessica Pamp