Art Logistics Made Easy: What Items Can Be Shipped with Moviiu?

Did you acquire an artwork at an auction and wonder how to get it home most cost-effectively? Do your collectors live in different cities, and you need a quote for quick and secure transportation? Did you buy a sculpture online and don’t know how to get it to you reliably and cost-effectively?

Moviiu specializes in the fast and cost-effective transport of art, design objects, and valuables. We take care of all steps of shipping and provide you with a tailor-made packaging solution.

Moviiu transports classic artworks such as paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures, as well as antiques and small furniture or jewelry and watches. All you need to get an instant quote for your art transport are dimensions, weight, and a few details about the work.

artworks and dimensions

Whether it’s a painting, print, photo, or drawing, whether it’s a landscape painting in a large wooden frame, canvas, or paper print, it doesn’t matter: For so-called flatware up to a size of 180 x 147 x 25 cm, our online tool calculates an instant quote in just a few steps. The transport of sculptures, design objects, and jewelry up to a size of 104 x 60 x 57 cm can also be calculated within minutes. For larger items, we are happy to provide you with a custom quote.


The right packaging is crucial for secure art shipping, which is why we have developed a special carton made of triple-walled corrugated cardboard that is stable on the outside and softly padded on the inside. After the order is placed, your custom-made packaging will be conveniently delivered to your home, and you only need to place your object inside and seal the packaging. Flat artworks can be wrapped with the included Tyvek paper to protect the surface. Three-dimensional objects and sculptures are placed in a bed of air cushions, where they are protected all around during transport. Our shipping boxes are specially designed for the mentioned sizes.

Very fragile objects made of glass, porcelain, terracotta, marble, gemstones, or ivory require particularly careful handling. To provide the safest transport for these delicate materials, we need to clarify a few additional questions and are happy to advise you by phone or email. If Moviiu cannot handle the transport itself, we will surely find a suitable transport service provider for you within our network of 16 international sister companies.