Moviiu: pushing boundaries in art transport

Shipping artwork has never been so simple! Moviiu provides a 100% online bespoke packaging solution. Want to find out more? Follow the guide! 👇

Moviiu, a digital solution in a changing world

Moviiu is the latest in the Chenue group, a world leader in art logistics. Moviiu uses its experience and expertise with the biggest museums and collectors in the world to bring you an innovative, fast, effective and affordable service no matter your budget.

Changing consumer habits and the online shopping boom has seen the art market go digital. We spotted a gap in the market to specialise in bespoke shipping services to meet the industry’s new logistical challenges.

Simple, effective and reliable packaging, that’s Moviiu

Moviiu is a next-generation logistics solution for collectors, artists and art enthusiasts. We work with museums, galleries and auction houses to provide a service that better meets their needs and requirements: transparent, proactive, expert, safe and digital.

What we do is design and send bespoke packaging, and it all happens online! Simple and available on any device, ship your items with peace of mind.

How does the Moviiu solution work?

We do our utmost to provide you with a simple and user-friendly solution at Moviiu.

  • Request a quote in a few clicks

Moviiu takes care of everything, whether it be packaging or shipping your art! You can request an instant quote on our website, anytime, anywhere.

We’re here to help you with everything you need to enter the details of the items you want to send: type (painting, sculpture, furniture, book, photography etc.), measurements, weight, declared value etc. Do you have your own packaging? That’s OK, Moviiu can take care of your shipment.

We even provide you with all the information you need about services and administrative details related to your shipment so you cover every base (shipment type, insurance, customs fees for overseas delivery etc.).

Once you’ve entered your details, we’ll send you a detailed quote with an all-inclusive rate.

art transport by moviiu

  • Design your own bespoke packaging

Let’s get creative!

Our teams of packers make heavy-duty and easy-to-use packaging so you can send (or receive) your items safely. Each box is tailor-made to suit your item (paintings, canvases, sculptures, small furnishings, decorative items etc.).

We promise to ship your packaging within 24 hours along with a personalised video tutorial to help you put it together. Once you receive it, all you have to do is carefully pack your item. Would you rather a professional packer does it for you? No problem: our teams can come to you and take care of it all!

personal art boxes by moviiu

  • Manage your shipments wherever you are

Once your item is packed, select a time slot to schedule your shipment.

You can track your orders and shipments in real-time using our customer platform to manage everything online from a smartphone, computer or tablet.

The online account provides access to:

  • Quote and shipment history
  • Details about the items shipped (invoices, photos etc.)
  • Delivery tracking for your packages
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Details about your delivery
  • Invoices.

Do you need help or information? Our team is always on hand to answer all your questions.

  • Schedule your deliveries with peace of mind

We make sure your items are delivered on time without a hitch!

How does it work? You and your recipient receive an alert to schedule delivery. It’s flexible and can be completed online or by phone. Whether it be a simple door-to-door delivery, to unpack your item or install it, our team takes care of everything to suit you and your budget!

Manage your shipments wherever you are

Online solution; personal customer service!

A digital solution doesn’t have to mean no support or advice, so our team of experts are here to answer your questions by email or phone and help you with whatever you need (quote request, help putting your packaging together, information about your orders and shipments). That’s what bespoke means to Moviiu!

Do you have something to send? Moviiu takes care of everything

Do you need bespoke packaging or a shipping service? Send us your details and instructions: we design your boxes and take care of shipping your orders!

Photo by Jonathan Ferreira