Profile of Christine Rhodes, General Manager of EILOA (International School of Art Logistics).

Today, we would like to introduce you to Christine, the General Manager ofEILOA, the first international school exclusively dedicated to careers in the logistics of art. EILOA, a sister company of Moviiu, created in 2021, is closely aligned with Moviiu’s mission.

You’ll understand why!

Hello Christine, could you introduce yourself briefly and tell us about your professional journey?

I come from the field of education. I started my career in higher education, holding positions in pedagogical management and external relations, mainly in leading business and engineering schools. Midway through my career, I felt the need to move towards more concrete work to ensure a connection between a training program and the economic needs of businesses. It seemed relevant to shift towards vocational training. Taking the helm of the Higher School of Transportation, a flagship institution in the sector, introduced me more precisely to the world of transport and logistics.

I met various stakeholders in transportation and logistics, all passionate about their profession and highly motivated to showcase their industry. The general public is familiar with truck drivers, but there are many other professions. The roles are diverse and open, to graduates from vocational training to postgraduate level. There are great career opportunities and strong recruitment needs!

Additionally, I am actively involved in an association,AETL, which serves as an employment support network for careers in transportation and logistics, connecting young individuals with companies in the sector.

Throughout my various professional experiences, I had the opportunity to establish numerous partnerships, especially in the development of new projects. Assisting in the creation and development of EILOA is an exciting human adventure with a significant advantage: acting alongside art and heritage professionals !


Let’s talk about the school! Can you tell us more about the concept and what it covers?

EILOA was founded in November 2021 by the Horus Group, also the initiator of Moviiu. The mission of this academy is to impart skills and expertise, attract talents, and promote key professions in the sector: art packaging and the management of complex projects.

We currently offer two diplomas for expert training:

  • A professional title preparing for the profession of Artwork Packer ; this program takes place in alternation over 2 years and is based on a state diploma created in 1983.
  • A professional Master’s degree preparing for the profession of Art Logistics Project Manager; this program also takes place in alternation over 2 years.

This training is unique and was born from collaboration between EILOA and its partner companies. It responds to active monitoring conducted by EILOA, focusing on the evolving needs of sector companies: changes in professions and techniques, the use of materials respectful of art and the environment…

What is the added value of EILOA’s training offer?

EILOA places great importance on themotivation and professional projects of students entering the school. The willingness to engage in a hands-on, passion-driven profession, that requires finesse, caution, and perseverance is a significant requirement.

EILOA addresses individuals desiring to learn or confirm a career of excellence, whether they are continuing their studies, returning to education, or changing careers.

Simultaneously, we have developed a continuous training offer for those keen on developing expertise in art logistics: handling and packaging all types of artworks, organizing the movement of artworks for international exhibitions, and managing complex logistical projects.

Our instructors, both in continuous training and alternating training, are mostly professionals from the group sharing their expertise. We also bring in external experts when the required competence is not available internally. For example, in the Geopolitics course,we have a lecturer-researcher from Sorbonne who started his career as a truck driver! Always a pragmatic approach !


What is EILOA’s relationship with Moviiu?

To keep supporting its partner companies and their clients, EILOA wanted to create an innovation laboratory called « LabEILOA ». Moviiu is among the active members of our laboratory, alongside many other stakeholders such as restorers, transporters, insurers…

With a multidisciplinary team, this research center is currently working on two major axes related to eco-responsibility :

  • the materials of tomorrow including the use of cardboard,
  • and the transportation of tomorrow and the challenges related to their mutualization.

Cardboard, and more precisely its use, is the link between EILOA and Moviiu. .

Moviiu hosted a promotion of art packers last spring and organized packaging workshops.

Starting at EILOA, what else have you brought with you?

Creating programs in response to business needs is probably the cornerstone of my toolbox. Working on the development of a school like EILOA is an asset: the school is embedded in the company, allowing me to closely accompany the development of necessary skills.

For example, we supplemented the Artwork Packer professional title program with relevant topics for the profession: art history, installation and manipulation, sustainable development, and English.

The case of art history classes illustrates my point very well: students concretely apprehend the history of the object they handle.. History is taught chronologically, in class and on-site through visits to museums, galleries, and artists’ studios.

You are the General Manager of EILOA. What is your job exactly ?

My role is akin to that of a conductor : I coordinate and animate the relationship between the various actors involved in the training and thereby spotlight the professions of the sector.

I am both a relationship builder and a director. 🔗

How would you describe the benefits of choosing Moviiu in 3 words?

Simplicity : with just a few clicks, the client finds a solution to their transportation request.

Accessibility : 100% digital and secure solution.

Transparency: cost-effective pricing, tailored to the needs.

In summary, I would say that ”efficiency” encapsulates the concept of Moviiu very well.

student woman

Any final thoughts?

More and more women are entering our professions.

This new diversity in teams is very positive: it shakes up habits, practices, and allows for a “new perspective.” 🤩


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