Profile of Matthias Philipp, Country Manager at Moviiu

We would like to introduce our newest member of the Moviiu team : Matthias, who is Country Manager in Berlin. Let’s find out more about his very interesting background, his new role at Moviiu and his opinion about digitalisation in the art market.

Hello Matthias, can you tell us about you and your professional background ?

I have been working in the art industry for almost 20 years and have gained insights into almost every area of the art world. My journey began as a gallery manager for an up-and-coming Berlin gallery, followed by assistant roles to acclaimed artists like Kader Attia and Katja Strunz.

One highlight of my career was certainly managing the international touring exhibition “Handmade in Germany“, a three-and-a-half-year venture that showcased the finest German design and craftsmanship across the globe. All together we had two containers full of design objects and craft pieces, which was – as you can imagine – quite a challenge to ship all these delicate works safely around the world.

After traveling the world I decided to stay in Berlin and became Head of PR for the international art festival “Berlin Art Week“, which gave me a great insight into communicating art and exhibitions to a broader audience. My last job was for the German art magazine “Monopol – Magazin für Kunst und Leben”, where I was working as head of sales for three and a half years. Through this job I was able to get to know the German art world in all its diversity.

Now I am with Moviiu, bringing in my profound understanding of the German art market, coupled with a wealth of experience in project management and sales. It really feels like a full-circle moment and I am very much looking forward to my future endeavors with Moviiu. 🚀

When you started at Moviiu,what else did you bring with you?

Well, since I have been working in this industry basically my whole career, I know my way around in the art world.. I have studied art history and I am interested in all decades of art – from historical positions to contemporary art. I love to look at art from all angles and I am interested in the whole creative process – from learning about the inspiration of artists to more practical aspects of how to manage, promote and finally to ship art to the collectors and art lovers all around the globe.

You are currently Country Manager in Berlin. What is your job exactly ?

The Moviiu shipping solution has been available in Switzerland and France since 2020and we have already successfully shipped over 900 works of art to a wide variety of destinations around the world. Now it’s the German market’s turn and since the fall of this yearMoviiu services can also be booked from Germany .

Regarding the broader scope of my professional tasks I would say there are two primary missions:

  • On the one hand, I am responsible for setting up our production and logistic centersin Berlin, Cologne/Düsseldorf and Munich, where we manufacture the Moviiu packaging and send it to our customers in Germany.
  • On the other hand, of course, it’s also about making Moviiu known on the German art market and building up sales in Germany – an absolutely exciting and varied task!

How do you see the art market and how it’s changing?

The art market has undergone many changes in recent years, but it is a flexible market that is very adaptable.. What impresses me above all, is that the art market has opened up considerably in recent years, from a difficult-to-access market for a small circle of “insiders”, to a steady democratization of art. Today, museums and galleries are full of young people, and numerous online auction houses and websites also offer young buyers the opportunity to bid for and buy art from anywhere in the world.

At the same time, social media provides a public platform through which young artists can build global visibility. I think Moviiu fits perfectly into our time: : it is a smart online platform that combines all the advantages of our digital world. Our customers can easily get an instant quote within a minute, receive secure packaging tailored to their artwork and fast delivery that allows tracking of the shipment until it is delivered to the recipient. With this easy solution, everyone can now basically ship art.

Let’s talk about the Moviiu solution! Can you tell us more about the concept and what it covers?

Moviiu isalmost a revolutionary solution when it comes to shipping art.. In 2020, together with the most experienced art transporters from our 15 sister companies and IT experts, we developed a smart shipping solution that is completely geared towards the needs of our customers : fast, secure & cost-effective. Le résultat est un emballage en carton robuste qui garantit un transport sûr et qui est individuellement adapté aux œuvres d’art et aux objets de valeur. The packaging solution is complemented by asmart online tool that generates the most cost-effective offer in less than a minute and allows the shipment to be tracked at all times. Our all-in-one shipping solution makes it easier for our clients to ship artworks cost-effectively worldwide and thus expand their customer base.

How would you describe the benefits of choosing Moviiu in 3 words?

I think that Moviiu makes the transportation of art to international destinations extremely simple and easy for artists, collectors and gallery owners. Our online tool is easy to use and always finds the best price via our smart booking system – customs clearance is also included. What’s more, you no longer have to worry about whether the artwork will arrive undamaged, as our packaging, which has been checked by security experts, ensures that the artwork always arrives safely.

So far, we have successfully shippedover 900 artworks worldwide- and I look forward to many more !

Any final thoughts?

Be open and try new solutions! 🙃

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