Visit an Art Fair: Follow the Guide!

Have you ever taken a stroll through an art fair ? Behind every booth, each canvas, and every sculpture lies a story and an artistic discovery. Attending an art fair provides the opportunity to meet budding artists, engage with passionate gallery owners, and uncover exceptional pieces.

If you’re still wondering why art fairs arethegathering place for art professionals and enthusiasts, this article is for you.

  • Some tips before heading to an art fair
  • D Day has come
  • A reservoir of opportunities and discoveries
  • Consider logistics


Some tips before heading to an art fair

Some art fairs, like many across Europe, are large-scale events. Before attending, we recommend preparing your visit to identify the artists and galleries that capture your interest. Don’t forget to keep an eye on emerging fairs that might become must-attend events in the future !

Check the online program

Most art fairs have a detailed website providing practical information about participating artists, exhibiting galleries, special events, and conferences. Take the time to browse this program to get a general idea of what to expect.

Plan your itinerary

Once you’ve identified your priorities, try toplan an itinerary.. This will allow you to wander from one booth to another while ensuring you find the exhibitors that interest you!

checklistVisiting an art fair: the big day has arrived!

The big day is here! Take the time to explore the booths and be surprised by unexpected artworks or artists.. Here are some tips to fully enjoy your visit.

Explore the fair without rushing

Before delving into the details, take a general tour of the fair.. This will give you an idea of the layout of exhibitors and busy booths. This initial exploration will also help you spot the artists and works that catch your attention.

Let yourself be surprised

Even if you already have a list of artists or galleries you want to see, keep an open mind to discovery and be open to surprises. An unexpected work or a yet-unknown artist might be the highlight of your visit!

Red dots: a valuable indicator

While browsing the booths, you may notice red dots on the information cards of some artworks. These marks indicate that the piece has been sold.. It’s a good way to gauge the popularity of a particular artistor piece.

Engage in conversation

During your visit, don’t hesitate to interact with gallery owners or exhibiting artists. This is by far the best way to obtain valuable information about a work or artist.

Moreover, if you like a work but it’s marked with a red dot, feel free to discuss it with the exhibitor. They may have other works by the same artist that are not necessarily showcased on the booth.

Note your discoveries

Even if you don’t make an immediate purchase, take notes or photos of the works that left an impression on you. This will help you find them later, whether for a future purchase or simply to deepen your knowledge.

Follow your heart
Art is subjective. If a work deeply resonates with you, it’s probably the one for you. Don’t let current trends or the opinions of others influence your choice !

paintingArt fairs: a reservoir of opportunities and discoveries

Art fairs, with their excitement and diversity, are more than just markets where artworks are bought and sold. They reflect trends in the artistic world and offer a multitude of opportunities for art enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals.

A launching pad for emerging artists

Art fairs often provide the first opportunity for many emerging artists to showcase their works to the public.. It’s a space where they can get noticed and expand their professional network.

A place for artistic monitoring

For collectors and art enthusiasts, fairs are the ideal place to spot current and future trends.. It’s also an opportunity to discover in advance the successful artists of tomorrow.

Enriching encounters

Art fairs are places for meeting and exchange.. They allow visitors to directly engage with artists, learn more about their creative process, inspirations, and journey.

Parallel activities to enhance artistic culture

In addition to exhibitions, many art fairs offer conferences, workshops, performances, and various activities that provide a deeper perspective on the art world.. These events are an opportunity to enrich your artistic culture and see art from a different angle.

art transportVisiting an art fair: consider logistics!

After exploring the wonders of an art fair, whether you’re an artist, gallery owner, or collector, the inevitable question of transportation arises.

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So, the next time you’re at an art fair, don’t forget: for the packaging and transportation of your artworks, Moviiu is your ally. Enjoy the art, we’ll take care of the rest!


Photos of Markus Spiske, Glenn Carstens-Peters,Hannes Egler