Every artwork is unique and needs the very best handling. They are treasures which need due care during the packaging, storage, shipping and installation process. There’s a job for that: the fine art packer. An art logistics company’s reputation relies on its packers.

Being a packer is a meticulous job requiring in-depth knowledge of the items for shipment, handling methods, organisational aspects and regulations. You must understand that artworks require the utmost attention in their care, handling and movement. That’s why classic training is essential i.e. the André Chenue company provides the packer degree course.

Moviiu has used its sister companies’ experience and expertise to provide its knowledge to suit its customers’ budget. Our team of packers have designed easy-to-use and heavy-duty packaging so that anyone can ship and receive items with peace of mind. Once a shipment is confirmed, one of our technicians prepares the packaging and ships it within 24 hours. It’s the customer’s time to shine when the packaging arrives: they watch a simple video tutorial so they can pack their piece ready to ship with peace of mind. The packaging is simple but sturdy, made up of cardboard sheets resistant to in excess of 80kg of pressure per square metre, special foam and protective tissue (e.g. wrapping tissue) to protect the piece. In a matter of minutes, anyone can pack their artwork like a pro.